It’s been a long while since I’ve set up a new environment, and a long while since I’ve posted much of anything on here. Things have been pretty busy since we moved up here to Seattle, and I’ve been distracted by an endless supply of home improvement projects. Maybe some of those will make it up here!

As it happens, though, I finally got on the NVMe train and swapped out the main drive for my computer at home. And that means I have to set everything up again… including all the things I forgot I like to have on a computer. And it looks like some of my projects have suffered some bitrot, too…

Random tools bits

I decided to try using Windows Terminal, PowerShell, and the Windows OpenSSH implementation. This actually went pretty well! I assumed that the usual OpenSSH commands would work, and they mostly did. ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 worked out of the box, as did the regular ssh command. Windows has come a long way! No more PuTTY for SSH, I suppose.

I installed Windows Terminal and Visual Studio Code directly from the store, and then realized I also needed to install git. This was also pretty smooth: git’s Windows setup now asks what editor I want to use and detected the Windows Terminal and other such things.

And of course I don’t know how to use the regular VS Code bindings, so vscodevim was a necessary addition.

Oh, and this new Git Credential Manager is really nice – it manages OAuth to GitHub and GitLab so you don’t need to handle all the SSH keys and such anymore. Very cool!


rustup worked as expected, of course. It even guided me through the Visual Studio installation for the msvc pieces. Very nice. Looks like rust-analyzer is the way to go nowadays, so I set that up, too.


In order to build some of my side projects, I also needed to get node and yarn set up. There’s now an nvm thing for Windows; it randomly requires admin privileges for setup but seems to work okay once that’s all together.


Hugo is a pretty decent static site generator, but it has this annoying habit of making backwards-incompatible changes all the time. And I only update the actual Hugo binary when I really need to, since it’s a static site, so I tend to get a few years of changes at once.

This time it wasn’t too bad – I was able to just update the submodule for the minimal theme with git submodule update --remote


I guess the dev dependencies keep piling up for this project. Oops.

I installed wasm-pack with npm install -g wasm-pack and had Rust and Yarn installed earlier. This mostly went well. The tentative effort to run the backend off of Redis will need a working local Redis, but I haven’t worked on that in a long time, so I’m going to keep deferring it.

clippy has gotten stricter with new rustc, as per usual, but cargo clippy --fix handled that cleanly.