Migrating from Kubernetes to Docker Compose

A year of Kubernetes About a year ago I thought it would be a good idea to learn a bit more about Kubernetes. We use Kubernetes as part of our server orchestration at work, and while most of it is abstracted a way, it rarely hurts to know how the various foundational layers are actually like. At the time, I tried to set up a three-node cluster (two computers at home, one in the cloud), connected together by Tailscale (i.

SIGTERM and Docker images running as PID 1

Or, why doesn’t docker stop work for my Docker image? I’ve had a Docker image which is intended to be approximately the most basic HTTP-compatible responder for a while. But, I built this originally for playing with Kubernetes, which doesn’t really give you direct access to anything. When actually using it with Docker, I discovered that it wouldn’t actually shut down correctly with Ctrl-C or docker stop, and Docker would eventually have to docker kill it.