Discord Audio Tray Sync

I’ve been using Discord for gaming and hanging out with friends. However, sometimes I want to use my computer’s speakers (for friend hangouts), and sometimes I want to use headphones (for gaming). On Windows there’s a handy system tray widget which lets you change the default playback device – and almost everything plays from the default playback device! However, Discord uses the default communications device when set to default… and you have to go into a menu to change that.

Setting up a Samba share

This one’s pretty silly, but I decided I would try to use my little potato mini PC as a Samba host. And, it turns out, in the many years since I’ve configured Samba, so I forgot almost everything… and there’s some new stuff, too. These instructions were only tested on my computer, which is currently running Ubuntu 22.04. May or may not work for you! Setting up filesystem permissions correctly